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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Study/Other: Just for Laughs- oldguy VS the AGM

StudyOtherI just had to mention this series of hilarious posts by oldguy in the canslim forum:

Here is an appetitzer:
Market is listless and really no eye to see some pennies falling like there
is no tomorrow.

So decided to attend Amara Holding AGM. Wow !

So so so many aunties and uncles (including myself)
compare to last year , there was fewer attendees.

Some old familar faces never have chance to meet and chit chat
again. Are they falling ill because of age ? Or they got no more shares with
them already.

Surely u know , what are they here for. Hotel buffet refreshment leh.
So it's true...a come back of ugly S'poreans.

I smart leh, get coffee first and chop sofa seat to relax 1st.
Then comes the aunties uncles loaded with ton of food with their hands
but short of using their head.

Beg me for seat hoh..OK loh stand up and give to u loh after seeing u
so old already like my parents.
Thank me ? Don't need because u come , I go and get food.
Buffet refill what !
Why so hassle to go and push and squeeze with those sorry people
and u dressed so killing leh.
Wait food stain your dress how ?
Quarrel ah...go ahead loh. Free for all.

U fight loh, I go and get more food for my expanded stomach loh.

Yam! Full tank already. Leave now and go shopping hey.

Ok lobby already...wait a minute. Need to piss...find toilet.

No toilet sign ah ! Ask the hotel worker there..somemore wear suit
sure he knows....that way.

Ok,trust u and follow u finger pointing.

Sir, Stop here and where r u going? Another wear suit worker asked me.

I answered. Toilet where.

Not this way,it is at that way,pointing the way where I come from.

What ! that guy pointed this way and u ask me to go back.

Ok loh ,I go back. But where is the toilet. F......K up.

I will find myself. Look at the lift swimming pool at 6th floor.

Swimming sure need to change what so got toilet to piss loh.

U see I smart leh.Got swimming pools,got gym , got bikinis
but no see topless leh.

Never mind,old already. What I actually want to see.

U guess ? Cool Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad

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